No Needle Vasectomy California

The new form of Vasectomy

Needle Vasectomy

In the traditional form of vasectomy, the doctor must pierce the skin with a needle to inject the necessary anesthetic around each vas deferens. The injection of this numbing medicine is often the main source of pain during a vasectomy. In some cases the needle causes internal bleeding and swelling.

No-Needle Vasectomy

The new, no-needle vasectomy uses an air jet to infuse the necessary anesthetic around the vas deferens. Patients report that the new method is significantly less painful and may offer faster recovery time. This new medical advancement is significant because approximately half a million men each year have a vasectomy.

Source: Dr. Aaron Spitz and Dr. Karan Singh, Orange County Urology Associates, Laguna Niguel, Calif., | Phone: 949-855-1101.

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