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What exactly is a no needle vasectomy?

A no needle vasectomy is a new procedure for administering anesthetic for vasectomy surgeries. Rather than using a needle to inject anesthetic into the scrotum, the anesthesia is injected by a jet injector. This new technique eliminates the need of the traditional two needle injections into each of the vas deferens. The no needle method is virtually painless, yet still just as, if not more, effective than traditional needle administration.

What is the main benefit of using the no needle technique for vasectomy surgery?

The no needle jet injector method's main benefit is that it is virtually painless. One of the largest issues men have had for years with the vasectomy procedure was the use of the needle to administer anesthesia. A study performed on 465 male patients showed that they suffered little to no pain from this technique when used before surgery. Additionally, it was found that the procedure was just as effective as the traditional method, and the men did not require any additional anesthesia after it being administered by the no needle method. The men also did not experience any hematomas (bruising) at the application site, which can occur using the needle method.

How long does a no needle vasectomy generally take?

If the physician is well trained in administering the anesthesia with the no needle technique, the vasectomy procedure generally takes 20 to 25 minutes. This is because the anesthesia works more quickly when administered by the no needle method which allows for a faster surgical process. A standard needle injection takes a few minutes to take affect, whereas the no needle method works in less than 10 seconds.

What's better? The no needle method or needle method for vasectomy surgeries?

Both methods are quite effective, so the choice really depends on what is best for the patient and which method the doctor prefers. The standard needle method has been used for years for vasectomy surgeries and is quite effective in its results. However, the no needle method is a good choice for those that have a low pain threshold, or have a fear of needles and would rather avoid the standard needle injected technique. There is an additional benefit to using the no needle technique, in that it can also be performed with other techniques, such as the no scalpel vasectomy technique.

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