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The No Needle Vasectomy-10 Key Facts About This New Virtually Painless, Less Invasive Technique

  1. Traditional anesthetic administration for vasectomies was through a needle that was inserted into the scrotum. This new surgical technique that is being used in the United States requires no needle for anesthetic administration. Compared to the traditional method of injection, this new technique is virtually painless and much more effective.
  2. Many men have a fear of needles, particularly when the needle is to be inserted into such a delicate area. This new no needle approach helps to relieve a great deal of the anxiety men feel about the procedure, and eliminates issues for those with "needle phobia".
  3. In May 2005, a major clinical study that was performed was published in the Journal of Urology. This study showed that none of the patients experienced any hematoma (bruising) of the scrotum from the no needle procedure.
  4. If the physician administering the anesthesia is well trained in the process, the no needle vasectomy anesthesia can be applied in a matter of seconds.
  5. Using the new no needle technique provides is more affective than using the needle technique. The medication works faster, and shortens the entire vasectomy procedure.
  6. This new vasectomy approach was originally pioneered in 2001 in the U.S. By Dr. Charles Wilson. This technique was used for many years in Canada and is no becoming a more popular form of technique in the United States as well.
  7. The no needle method is also used in many other medical areas for a better anesthesia administration. This method is widely used in the fields of dentistry and podiatry.
  8. There is not much of a difference in cost between the no needle and the needle methods when used in a vasectomy; however the no needle method is equally, if not more effective, as traditional methods.
  9. The no needle technique has a very high patient satisfaction rating among those that have received this method of anesthesia administration and most also gave the method low pain scores as well.
  10. Physicians in the field of vasectomy believe that this no needle vasectomy approach will help to make vasectomy a much more acceptable form of permanent birth control for men.
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