No Needle Vasectomy California

No Needle Vasectomy California

No Needle Approach Offers Patients New, Less Invasive Option for Vasectomy

Good news for men - there is now a new, less invasive treatment available for those that are considering vasectomy as a permanent male birth control. This new surgical approach is a "no needle vasectomy" that was first introduced to the United States in 2005. This new approach to surgical vasectomies is the perfect option for those who felt trepidation about traditional vasectomy methods which used a needle to deliver anesthetic to the scrotum to numb the area for surgery. With the "no needle vasectomy", the anesthetic is now administered without the use of a needle, which helps quell the fear many men have about having a needle injected into such a delicate area.

Many physicians in the urological field feel as though this new approach has many benefits to it, as opposed to the old form of the procedure. The new no needle method helps to lessen fear the patient feels which helps in making them more comfortable with the procedure and will more than likely encourage more men to have the surgery. It helps to reduce the amount of pain that men experience when undergoing the procedure, which again may help the number of men that will choose this form of permanent male birth control. The no needle approach also helps to simplify the vasectomy procedure, which both doctors and patients find beneficial.

Studies performed by Dr. Ronald Weiss and Dr. Phillip Li show that in a clinical test performed on 465 patients, the no needle anesthetic technique proved to be a great success. They found it to be "remarkably effective" as well as a "simple and safe approach with high patient satisfaction". The men that participated in the study were also pleased with the results and felt that the procedure went will with low pain and no use of a needle for their anesthesia.

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